Range of Trading Markets

Access 100+ trading products with competitive pricing and quality execution.

• Trade 80+ currency pairs, top stocks, popular commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies and binary options.

• Access top companies like Tesla, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple with commissions from 1.8 cents on US stocks.

• Earn cash rebates when you qualify for the Active Trader program.

• Speculate on Bitcoin volatility with tight spreads and low margin.

Range of Trading Markets



Speculate on the largest market in the world by buying one currency while selling another.

• Average turnover of $5.1 trillion a day

• Trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week

• High volatility




Access popular stock portfolios made up of influential publicly traded companies.

• Exposure to top financial markets

• Trade volatility caused by corporate news

• Find potential profit in both rising & falling markets




Buy and sell top companies such as Barclays, Amazon, Tesla and more with low commissions.

• Tap into stocks without stock-specific risks

• Commissions from 1.8 cents on US stocks

• Go long or short on global companies




Trade metals, energies and softs as CFDs without having to own the underlying asset.

• Trade UK Crude with fixed spreads

• Diversify and hedge against inflation

• Benefit from zero commissions and 1% margins




Get in on popular cryptocurrencies without having to take ownership.

• Hold long or short positions

• No virtual wallet required

• Access cryptos with less capital (increased leverage increase risk)


Binary Options


It's simple. Place bets on price changes of popular currencies and get instant winnings.

• Limited risk with zero commissions

• It's easier than the spot market

• To win, 1 pip of price growth or fall is enough.


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