Algorithmic Trading

Getting Started (Part 1)

In this section, a whole process of creating a new robot will be described. Following the step-by-step instructions, you will learn to create your first robot in C# programming language, test it in strategy tester and launch it on demo or real account.

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Trade operations.Positions.Position.

Here is a description of methods and properties intended for managing and obtaining information about positions, orders, and deals.

Position - an uncompleted trading operation (unfinished deal). When changing the quotation of a financial instrument, the position keeps a record of the client’s funds (for write-off…

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Trade operations (Positions.Close)

Trade operations (Positions.Modify)

Order Type

Trade operations (Positions.Оpen)

Trade operations (Positions.Positions.Check)

Trade operations.Positions.Position.

Connecting C# libraries

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