Error codes

Code Identifier Description
160 OnServer server error
161 MessageIsWrong error in message(request)(semantics)
162 Success operation has been successful, is being converted to 0
163 QuoteIsChanged quote has been changed
164 MarketIsClosed market has been closed
165 NoConnection no connection to the server
166 MarginLevel it is impossible to open a new order due to insufficient 
167 WrongPassword authorization error
168 AlreadyAuthorized this user has been already authorized
169 TradeForbidden trade has been forbidden
170 OperationForbidden operation has been forbidden
171 StopLevelError error when checking the stop level for a trade operation
172 BrokerRightsError broker doesn’t have enough rights to perform this operation
173 TooManyOrders number of orders and assets exceeds the set limit
174 IpForbidden connection from this IP to the broker has been forbidden
175 ArchiveIsNotFound archive end
176 QueryProcessing request is being processed
177 SumbolIsUsed error when deleting a symbol since it is being used
178 SymbolGroupIsUsed error when deleting a symbol group since it is being used
179 CloseOnlyAllowed only closing orders have been allowed
180 LongOnly only long positions have been allowed
181 InvalidPrice invalid price
182 InvalidVolume invalid volume
183 PositionFreezed position has been frozen
192 SymbolNotFound symbol has not been found
214 TradeWithRobotsForbidden robot trading has been forbidden